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The Alpert Group has been recognized for excellence in real estate development and property management.  Here are some of the honors our company has received.

  • 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Affordable Housing Developments
    Presented to Boston Way Village
    Affordable Housing Finance
  • 2018 Smart Growth Award
    Harvard Printing Company, Orange
    New Jersey Future
  • 2018 Supportive Housing Project of the Year
    Presented to Franklin Lakes Supportive Housing
    The Supportive Housing Association of NJ
  • Office of the Mayor Certificate January 2016
    The Alpert Group presented Mayor’s award for Outstanding Civic Contribution
    The City of Paterson
  • Certificate of Commendation 2016 in Recognition of The Brookdale in Teaneck, NJ
    Honoring The Alpert Group LLC
    The Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders
  • SHANJ Supportive Housing Project Award 2015
    Presented to Kilmer Homes I and II
    17th Annual NJ Supportive Housing Conference
  • 2006 ENERGY STAR for Homes Outstanding Achievement Award
    Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Energy Star
  • Commendation of Joseph C. Alpert for Contributions toward improving the image of the City of Newark 1998
    Issued by the Newark Municipal Council
    City of Newark, NJ
  • Citation Commendations and Praise Extended to The Alpert Group 2019
    by the citizenry of the 13th NJ Legislative District
    The State of New Jersey Senate and General Assembly
  • 2018 Excellence in Housing Management Award
    presented to Kilmer Homes Phase II
    New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
  • Preservation Award January 2016
    By the Board of Chosen Freeholders
    The County of Passaic in the State of New Jersey
  • Historic Preservation Award 2016
    Extended to The Alpert Group LLC for the rehabilitation of an industrial building, Boris Kroll Mills
    City of Paterson Historic Preservation Commission
  • “Faith in Paterson” Award in recognition of their vision and evaluation regarding the future of Paterson
    Paterson Commons #1
    The City of Paterson and The Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce
  • Excellence in Housing and Economic Development Award
    Leading Housing Revitalization- Rental for Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village, Phases I and II
    2014 Governor’s Conference of Housing and Economic Development
  • 2002 Agency Award of Excellence in Program Innovation & Affordable Housing to Joseph C. Alpert
    Affordable Senior Housing & Adult Day Care Center
    National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials